Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lost in Central Coast & Northern California 

Thanks to my dear friend in Monterey for hosting a jewelry party at her house, we could spend another precious moment in Central & Northern California. We had a lot of rains during the stay but were lucky enough once again to experience a fun walk in downtown San Francisco & gorgeous beach view in Carmel. Despite the previous not so good experience, walking around union square was quite fun this time. Uniqlo, one of my favorite shops I go to whenever I'm in Japan, opened in SF now. Selection is still small but I liked to see the familiar shop open in the new location.

A fun part about walking the city is to stumble into cute shops and street performances or to pass by unique looking people. All the street musicians like a violinist and drummers were playing so good. 4-5 miles of walk, my throat and feet were more than ready for a coffee shop. We decided to take a break at this wine & coffee bar called Rouge et Blanc. It was very cozy with nice sofa and lounge music.

It was so dark already around five o'clock.
The huge christmas tree on union square wasn't ready for illumination yet at the time.

Second time dining at Straits in Santana Row. I had shrimp pat thai & tiger beer.
It's a cool restaurant, my only wish would be switching pop music to other kinds...

Last day of the trip. Here I am at Monterey Peninsula College (aka MPC).
They added some buildings but nothing seemed to have ever changed.
Everything is so calm and peaceful.

And this lovely library. Makes me want to go back to be a student.... a little bit.

Maybe I'm taking the same pictures over and over again whenever I come to this beach but...
I can never get over how beautiful it is. Who wouldn't dream about having a house here?
The air was awfully freezing but the weather was perfect.

Shops are getting decorated for a holiday season.
Hard to believe 2012 is almost over.

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