Friday, October 12, 2012

Rainbow Moonstone Ring & Tourmaline Bracelet

It's getting a lot chillier! I can't quite catch up with the temperature gap yet.
Short sleeves can be too cold but long sleeves are too much... Don't know what to wear!

So, I made 4 items yesterday: two rainbow moonstone rings (size 6 & 7), another hoop earrings (for myself this time) and delicate tourmaline bracelet in combination of oxidized silver and gold.

Since soldering joined into my previous style of work that was limited with pliers and cutters, I feel like the horizon has been opening up wider and wider, slowly by slowly and I enjoy the transition.

My mom sent me the picture of this flower called cypress vine that is blooming in her garden.
Her little garden is full of unique flowers and plants. I am so proud of her knowledge and talent. I should ask her to send more pictures each season.






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