Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Malachite Silk Knotted Necklace & New Challenge.

I kept these bubbly malachite beads wondering what kind of design could go with.
It's not a kind of stone I use so often. It also somewhat reminds me of "juzu" -buddhist rosary you hold in hand when praying. Well, it's pretty but kinda tricky for not looking so old-fashioned. I wanted to make it somehow simple, casual and modern. So I thought of mixing with silk thread but color combination was a hard one to think of. Then I saw my old magazine that shows a cute pair of sandals in these colors made by "Ferrucci", the Brazilian brand. So here it is. My first malachite necklace. Kinda tribal-inspired that may oppose to modern but simple and casual for sure.

Now here are my assignments.
First, my current items for sale on Etsy have been staying somewhere around 140 for a while.
I want to build up the collection to 150.
Second and this might take a while but I want to style the items with my clothing and photograph better so the viewers could get a better idea and also I myself could visualize my own style.
This one needs some photographing skills as well so will be a challenge in a long run.



1. 現在Etsyのコレクションは140点辺りを前後しているのですが、これを150点まで上げること。
2. これは時間のかかることだと思われるのですが、見る人にもっと雰囲気が伝わるように、そして自分でもスタイルがきちんと視覚化できるように、自作をもっと上手に洋服とスタイリングして、もっとよい写真を撮るということ。これは写真のスキルも求められることなので、長期戦になりそうです。

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