Friday, August 17, 2012

Listed a few jewelry from yesterday and I am ready for weekend.

-double aquamarine 14k gold necklace
-peridot 14k gold filled necklace
-labradorite necklace & earrings
-pink & green tourmaline bracelet

Just posted these on Etsy and I am now ready for weekend! I was on computer a lot this week, renewing my business card & making a photo card, a new image for the website & a new cover for facebook fan page like below. I hope you all like it:


My mind tends to be occupied by random new ideas that make me restless till it finally wears me out but I'm slowly learning how to take it easy and relax..... I, I have to! I was afraid this weekend will be overcast but so far so good. Hoping to explore new places along the coast tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend to all :)



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