Monday, April 23, 2012

Long Way to Malibu

Playa Del Rey

We planned to visit Santa Barbara on Saturday. It's about 135miles (215km) drive. Since freeway is boring, we decided to take Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) North all the way up. We started from Newport Beach, passing through all the beach cities such as Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Long Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, Marina Del Ray, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, finally arriving Malibu.


Santa Monica

It was quite an adventure to go through some unfamiliar areas in those cities. Because of the heavy traffic, it took much longer than we expected to drive up this route that made us feel like we came such a long way. Meanwhile, the weather was super gloomy against our wish. We stopped by Starbucks at Malibu Country Mart for a coffee break where we decided to put off our Santa Barbara trip, which was 60 more miles to go, to some other time. After resting on the super comfy sofa at Starbucks, enjoying the canyon view through the window, we walked around, getting a muffin at the market for another break time. This is how our rest of the day with the alternative plan went by slowly.

そんな町の馴染みのないエ リアを通りすぎていくのはアドベンチャー感満載でした。途中、かなりの渋滞だったので、このルートでのドライブは思ったよりもずっと時間がかかってしまい、なんだかずいぶん長旅をした気分に陥りました。お天気はというと、希望に反したどんより空。というわけで、コーヒー休憩にと立ち寄ったマリブカントリーマートのスタバにて、あと60マイル (95キロ)だったサンタバーバラの旅を延期することに決定。スタバのふかふかソファに坐って窓から渓谷の眺めを楽しんだ後、てくてく歩き回って今度はマーケットでマフィンを買ってまた休憩タイム。こうして残りの一日は別プランによってゆっくりと過ぎていきました。

resting at Starbucks...


Malibu Kitchen & Gourmet Country Market

It got even gloomier on the way back home. (We took an easy freeway this time...) Unlike the typical image of California, we have been having very moody days so far this year. Weekends have been overcast. Oh well, it's definitely not as fun to hang out when the weather is like this but I always enjoy a short trip with a bit of discovery.


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