Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cardamon & Rose Water Cupcake

I usually crave for salty snacks more than sweets but something like this speaks to me. Cardamon and rose water cupcake from Native Foods Cafe. It was super sweet but I enjoyed both the scent and the taste of it.

普段は甘系お菓子よりも塩系スナック派なのですが、こういうのには弱いです。Native Foods Cafeのカルダモンとローズウォーターのカップケーキ。かなり甘かったですが、香りと味の両方楽しめました。

from Native Foods Cafe, Costa Mesa

Carrot cake cupcake from Starbucks and coffee cream cupcake from Milk and Honey are sometimes tempting.


Speaking of cardamon and rose water, I became familiar with those two at the middle eastern market. Persian pastries and teas often use cardamon and rose water. I personally like to add a little of honey on top of it to my tea.


Cardamon (

Rose Water 

I got curious if they are healthy as well and yes, they have been believed to be since ancient times:

Cardamon effects: digestion, stomach and intestines, energizing, detox, relaxing, cleansing breath
Rose water effects: cleansing breath and aging odor.


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