Monday, July 31, 2017

Southern California Hot Summer Exploration



Hot summer has arrived and my day can't function without cups of (partially frozen) iced tea. 

Coffee shop hopping is what I love to do on some weekend & I've explored lots of them in town so far but there are still many more in my list.

MAZ cafe con leche in Santa Ana (Orange County) was one of the cozinest with spacious interior.
I enjoyed Horchata latte.
It closes at 6pm which is a bit too early for me as I tend to go out late especially in summertime...

The pink flower tree on the top was photographed near the cafe.
Summer flowers have been in full bloom these days and I've seen some pink ones too but this one seemed to be more vivid orangey pink tone than I usually see.
It turned out to be creme myrtle, first time seeing this color.

Exploration will continue.






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