Monday, November 28, 2016

Rainy Thanksgiving Weekend

Long weekend has passed peacefully.

Had a nice traditional thanksgiving meal pairing with apple pie, pumpkin pie and blackberry wine this year.

After beautiful Thanksgiving Day, it went down to pouring whole weekend, unfotunately. But that led us to do a major clean-up in the closet and every drawer in the house, which made a nice amount of bags full of donation items. Such a refreshing feeling! The rain turned out to be a good thing in the end.

And doves. I'm not sure where these sweet guys hide during such a heavy rain but when it cleared up, Lulu and Oscar showed up for sunflower seeds as usual. They never skip a day. Two more pairs besides them appear to be living together. According to what I read, mourning doves roost in flocks except the breeding season. I noticed that Oscar stopped "mourning" a few months ago, and I haven't also seen them lovey dovey towards each other since then. They still show up together and eat together but seem kind of distant. It's fun to watch and see different habits of these wild creatures throughout the year. Learning each individual's personality is quite interesting. By the way, Lulu has gotten quite bold with me. She walks near the window in front of me like this, to be noticed and be fed. So cute.

Lastly, it's been 4 months since Loki, the little turtle joined the family. She was so tiny and ill for the first two months. I've heard that the baby turtles often have hard time surviving and there was a time that she really struggled, going back and forth between recovery and sickness. Miraculously she got fully recovered and tripled in size! (Her shell was 3.5cm, now 10cm.) Well, she's still quite a high-maintenance girl but getting more mature and charming everyday. She seems to be happy as long as she has her heater, basking lamp and tuna fish. She is getting bigger day by day!






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