Sunday, November 20, 2016

Jewelry Work of the Week


Modified work, brand new designs, etc.
Made a second pair of round copper earrings. I couldn't get the seamline between the silver and copper fit tightly enough for soldering so I ended up adding some more copper pieces on the back to fill the gap. I figure that copper sheet needed to slightly overwlap the silver wire frame but I like how this one turned out so I might stick to this method.
Labradorite, prasiolite, amethyst, rock crystal, chrysoprase, moss aquamarine, etc, etc.
I got a little playful and made three earrings that are unique asymmetrical mismatching pairs.
Moss aquamarine. Although it is considered a low grade beryl, I adore its dreamy soothing cloudy greyish blue tone with natural inclusions. It's like ocean water. It is in fact believed to protect travelers on water.


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