Monday, August 15, 2016

Resizing Gemstone Ring


I got a request of resizing one of the gemstone bezel rings from a larger size to smaller.

VIGOR heat shield from Rio Grande, which protects components under direct 5000°F, is what I used to solder the band without removing the stone.

I applied the paste to seal the entire bezel part and placed the ring upside down, so the spot that's going to be soldered goes on top.

Since I use a micro torch which heats up only around 2500°F, I have to keep in mind that it takes long time for the solder chip (easy or extra easy) to flow! This is the hard part as it seems like really looong time to keep the flame on the piece, so much longer than what it would take to solder the regular piece with no shield on. You have to make sure there's no hole on the shield, which would crack the stone inside and ruin your hard work! If that's all taken care of, then the rest is patience, patience...

Rio Grandから取り寄せたVIGORヒートシールド ----華氏5000度までの熱から守る断熱材-----で石をつけたままリングバンドのロウ付けをしました。
This galaxy like ring with unique iolite stone with pyrite inclusion is on its way to Thailand now.
Hope she will like it.



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