Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New jewelry and Beach (Pelican Hunting Fish)

Some new stuff~ There will be a lot more designs with silver rings as I received a spool of wire last Friday! Lots of soldering has been happening this week.


These are from last weekend, at Capistrano Beach.
Right timing or not, I saw some pelicans crossing the sky one by one.... then starting to fly straight down to the water!

I've seen this sight before, pelicans hunting fish. I think it was when driving down along the coastline of Pacifica near San Francisco.

Not only pelicans but also seagulls and many other kind of birds lined up to dive down this time.
It must be a large school of fish near the shore. 
The way they drop themselves in the water is so sharp and dramatic. I remember thinking of the same thing last time I saw it too.

It's a distant view but if interested, attached is the video ↓ 




遠目ですがビデオに収めたので興味があれば.... ↓

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