Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Green Warbler in Irvine


I just noticed that these little guys visit the kurrajong tree in front of my balcony in the early mornings. This is the kind I have seen in the park and its bright yellowish chartreuse green withdraws attention every time. They are so small and so very restless jumping from one branch to the other that I could never succeed in capturing. But finally this morning, I did it! Not the best yet good enough shot to be able to look how they really look like.

I assume this is Willow Warbler. Very small and round.

They seem to sound pretty yet could be intentionally quiet when visiting my tree and that's why I didn't notice till now. Quite sneaky!


And another sneaky one is shown below. There seems to be a nest on the roof and they occasionally fly down on the balcony and trees.







そして、こちらもこっそり、な方。↓ 屋根に巣作りしたのかも。たまにベランダや木に降りてくるのでした。






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