Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NEW diamond bracelets & ruby earrings

Creations of the day, posted for sale on Etsy: joonijewelry.etsy.com

I am continuously challenging and having a fun with bezel set ring making.
One ring a day would be nice but the one I worked on failed today so I can show you hopefully tomorrow.
Pear shaped bezel went pretty smoothly and I was feeling proud of myself. Then...... the band broke. I guess I was focusing too much on polishing the bezel...

Yes, my patience has been trained very well by this process. When I need a break from somewhat intense metalwork, I go back to my beading bench and make a few pieces. I'm getting used to balancing between metalworking and bead-working.

Off the topic, traveling shows and foreign movies are making me want to travel abroad, especially to Europe, West Asia. It would be nice if I could stay long enough to pretend like a local a little bit! Yes, so many places are on my list including little towns and islands in Japan.





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