Monday, February 18, 2013

Beach Inspired Whimsical Jewelry

New work posted here:

Not sure if the bad weather has anything to do with it but I've been very spaced out lately!
I have to focus and make more new necklaces later this week.

We had an early spring like 3 day weekend over here.
Hope it will stay this way ... so it boosts up my motivation:)

I like this Tocca's perfume.
"Cleopatra" is my favorite grapefruit scent.

 What do you wear lately?


  1. I really love the last earrings! They look so very summer-like ;)

    I'm also rather spaced out over last time... I think I'm trying to have some rest after really heavy November, December and January - I almost had no sleep and was really exhausted. May be your body also trying to relax?

    As for perfumes, I usually wear Hugo Deep Red in winter - it warms me up and I love the bitter-sweet flavor of the cherry stone (have you ever cracked a cherry stone?)

    1. Thank you ~

      Yes, I think our bodies are still trying to recover.
      I gotta start getting ready for a big trip though!

      Hugo Deep Red sounds good. I think I've done that but don't remember if there was a flavor to it:)



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