Monday, February 27, 2012

What's a real "home" to you?

via {samperton}

Introduced by Vogue's March 2012 issue is a supermodel Carolyn Murphy's "French-farmhouse" in LA. It seems to be really warm and cozy. Old homes may require a lot of repairs and maintenance but they surely have irreplaceable values that newly built homes can't provide. Is it also true that older homes were built better and last longer than newer homes these days? It's funny though in the end she says that LA is not where she and her daughter want to be after all. She doesn't seem to see it as a real "home". I wonder if it's common for non-LA born residents to feel that way. I also wonder what it is to make people feel the place so homy and want to settle down if such a beautiful house isn't the number one factor. It has to be something to do with "atmosphere" and "people"......


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