Saturday, May 6, 2017

Dainty Link Jewelry


Links, links, links...

1. Bracelet is accented with gold pyrite for a whimsical contrast. Pyrite is a stone of luck, wealth and success, had been mistaken as gold, known as "Fool's Gold".

Shiny version with no pyrite makes quite a different look.

2. Made another ruby necklace. Joined by other colorful stones, ruby stands out as a stone of vitality. It is also 15th & 40th aniversary stone.

3.  Pastel toned multi color sapphire droplets add a romantic feminine look to the links. 

Sapphire is great for artists, also represents joy, peace and beauty. It is 5th & 45th anniversary stone. Oxidized version would bring a unique rustic feel.

Today was gloomy and chilly all day long so I dropped by my favorite cafe at night to have this yummy strawberry croissant and a cup of hot latte, which uplifted my mood nicely!


1. ブレスレットはゴールドパイライトを添え、コントラストを出してみました。パイライトは幸運、富、成功の石。しばしば金と混同されて「愚か者の金」と言われてきたとのこと。(ひどい、、)


2. ルビーネックレスは第2弾。他のカラフルな石たちに囲まれ、「活力」というキーワードがピッタリの存在感を発揮。ルビーは結婚15周年&40周年の宝石です。

3.  パステルトーンのマルチカラーサファイアをリングに添えるとぐっとロマンチックでフェミニンなかんじが増します。




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