Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Life Lessons"


It's always good to write down whatever tickles you in everyday life. (And go back to that notebook once in a while.)

That was what I told myself when I found this writing in my old notebook.

Quoted from the movie "Life Lessons"by Martin Scorsesse, one of the three movies in "New York Stories". Other two are "Life without Zoe" by Francis Coppola (written with Sofia Coppola), which unfortunately wasn't my taste, and "Oedipus Wrecks" by Woody Allen, which as usual was very clever with full of sarcastic humors. Anyways, "Life Lessons is starred by Nick Nolte as an artist Lionel Dobie and Rosanna Arquette as his young apprentice / ex-lover Paulette. 

Paulette: "Tell me if I have a talent or I'm wasting my time. Because sometimes I fell like I should quit!"

Lionel: "What the hell difference does it make on what I think? It's yours. I mean, you make art because you have to. Because you have no choice. I'ts not about talent. It's about no choice but do it."


What was more interesting is that I learned late that this movie is loosely based on Dostoevsky's novel, "The Gambler".

And "Crime and Punishment" is what I happen to be reading right now. Odd coincidence!




ポーレット: 私には才能があるのか、それとも時間の無駄なのか、はっきり言ってよ。もうやめてしまった方がいいんじゃないかと思うことがあるわ!

リオネル: 俺がどう思うかと一体何の関係があるっていうんだ?自分の(アート)だろ?創作するのは、そうせずにはいられないから。ほかに道がないから。才能の問題じゃなくて、創るしかない。そういうことだろ。




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