Monday, January 25, 2016

Downtown Anaheim Moments



Warm and sunny Sunday in downtown Anaheim.

暖かい晴れの日曜日。 ダウンタウンアナハイムにて。


The clean street had a mixture of new, artsy and retro feel.



My vision has been more towards nature than urban lately but this was a fun change of pace little adventure.



Besides the rose bush in the street circle that I couldn't help approaching..



RARE by Goodwill was worth checking out. It is a rare version of the regular Goodwill thrift store, meaning that this location includes donated items that are handpicked vintage or designers' clothing and furniture rarities. I enjoyed finding some old cameras, lenses and binoculars. It's good to know that when you buy at any Goodwill stores, majority of your money goes back to the community, helping people find jobs.


RARE by Goodwillに行ってみました。普通のGoodwillスリフトストアとは違って、レアバージョンということで、ここの店舗に並ぶのは、寄付された品物の中から更に選りすぐったレア物ビンテージやデザイナーズの衣服や家具などなど。古いカメラ、レンズ、双眼鏡なども見つけました。Goodwillで購入するとそのお金の大半が失業者の職探しに役立てられ、社会に還元されるというのもプラス要素。


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