Friday, July 24, 2015

Clock on the Desk

My desk welcomed a new tiny clock. I didn't think of needing one till now; I never cared for tracking time when making jewelry. Guidebooks tell you that you take the actual producing time into consideration: if it takes one hour, you would add your hourly rate to the cost, theoretically. In reality, it's not always applicable. My design process usually takes lots of detours; it turns out different from my original sketch, sometimes far from it. Each piece needs to be twisted and played around until the balance and the texture look right. Things don't often come out the same as you would expect.. So, I reached the conclusion that for me, time doesn't go with the pricing unless it's a repetitive design. 

Still, I'm thinking that it's good to get the idea how long each piece takes. I wouldn't probably care much but just to get a random idea.



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