Thursday, March 8, 2012

feel a bit of spring

After a few overcast days, it's finally a nice day today. But the air is still chilly outside.....Meanwhile my plants on the balcony have been growing and blooming.



You may think it's tropical here when you see the following images.... (it's not!)

like a real bird............

hummingbirds are flying around sometimes...

red crest wanna see the blue sky!

Bougainvillea seems to be blooming for all seasons...!

Took a short walk to Target. I thought the collaborated designer was Marni at this time but I was wrong. Turns out H&M is the one that's collaborating Marni.... I completely missed to check out Missoni collections in time last year. I heard it was a huge hit. Was the bicycle the best seller? Luggages and travel bags also seemed very cute (seen online....) I wonder who's next after Jason Wu.

去年だったか、ミッソーニの時、そっこう売り切れたみたいです。人気ナンバーワンは自転車だったのかな。スーツケースやボストンバッグもかわいかった(オンラインで見たかんじ)。現在のデザイナーはJason Wu、次は誰だろう。。。


  1. Such a lovely flowers are in your surroundings!
    I'll agree with you about bougainvillea - it seens like it blooms all year around...

    I love Missoni too :)

  2. Thank you, Anastasia!
    Flowers look prettier when it's sunny like this... I love it!



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